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Top 5 Favourite Characters of 2017 So Far

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This is probably one of the most difficult posts I’ll ever have to write. I’ve read so so many great books and have fallen in love with… yes so so many badass characters that writing about just 5 of them is… HARD! However, this is just #1 so there will be more to come!!! For now, though, no matter how virtuous or flawed those characters may be they’ve simply made their way into my heart.❤️



Kvothe – The Kingkiller Chronicle

‘The man was lost. The myth remained’. **SIGH** Perfection. Exceptionally intelligent, quick-witted, sharp-tongued and reckless – Simply put, I’ve been in love with Kvothe from the moment I opened the book. His survival instincts paired with his charm and just complete douchebag-ery (I mean, the guy makes lifelong enemies everywhere he goes and gets into trouble without even trying hard) is second to none! And without a doubt one of the most pleasant characters I’d ever read about.


Kelsier – The Mistborn Trilogy

Kelsier – a legend in the underworld / the greatest crew-leader in the capital of Luthadel and a man who could pull off any heist. Is that not enough? ok…Not only is he ever so charming, clever and basically, a  guy who can make the impossible happen, his relationship with Vin and his guidance is just so touching. He may not be without his flaws but… aren’t we all flawed??

Magnus – Falling Kingdoms

Seriously, I won’t even say too much about Magnus because… ugh! How can you describe your love (for a character) in just a few words?? First chapter. That was all it took. That’s it – Magnus for me made the book. I was instantly drawn to him from the moment I was introduced to him and my love only grew as the plot developed. He’s a tortured soul who’s utterly misguided and confused. A good guy at heart pretending to be bad to please his evil father – and in serious need of a hug! Magnus my love!

Vin – The Mistborn Trilogy

Yes. Another love from this epic trilogy. Let me put my love for Vin in the most simple way possible – she is, by far, my ultimate badass fantasy heroine ever! She is quite, shy and humble – but oh is she Lethal! I was so drawn to her cause she was so cleverly portrayed in the most realistic way (unlike so many ya fantasy heroines). She’s rational & sensible, calm and most importantly so consistent! Her character growth throughout the series is just so damn astounding while staying true to the basics of her character (hence the consistency).

Lazlo – Strange The Dreamer

Lazlo my beautiful angel. I have never been on the edge of my seat rooting for a character like I have with Lazlo. He is…ugh how can I describe him? the sweetest most lovable character I’d ever read about. I’ve always been drawn to the anti-hero type characters/protagonists, like those on the list above (and many more). They’re morally grey, not the most upstanding citizens who you want to hate but can’t. Lazlo however, is just the kindest most delightful and morally upright characters you’ll come across. No matter how tough life might get, how horrible others may treat him, he stays true to who he is and stays like the ray of sunshine that he is.


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