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Six of Crows

six of crows by leigh bardugo

Author: Leigh Bardugo

Series: (Six of Crows #1)

Genre: Ya Fantasy

Pages: 462

Criminal prodigy Kaz Brekker has been offered wealth beyond his wildest dreams. But to claim it, he’ll have to pull off a seemingly impossible heist:
Break into the notorious Ice Court
(a military stronghold that has never been breached)
Retrieve a hostage
(who could unleash magical havoc on the world)
Survive long enough to collect his reward
(and spend it)

Kaz needs a crew desperate enough to take on this suicide mission and dangerous enough to get the job done – and he knows exactly who: six of the deadliest outcasts the city has to offer. Together, they just might be unstoppable – if they don’t kill each other first.


Rating: 🌑 🌑 🌑 🌑 🌑


I was so scared to start Six of Crow because of the overwhelming hype especially given my track record with hyped books. But of course I had to give it a try if only to appease my curiosity and I think the bad spell’s finally broken!

I won’t say much or repeat the synopsis since chances are you’ve probably heard a thing or two about this book in the YA books community. Set within the Grisha universe (or Grishaverse), Six of Crows is a fast paced, funny and enjoyable plot with great action, impressive world building, and a well-constructed heist that pays off fantastically.

But what really makes this books stand out is the characters. A group of… somewhat unsavoury characters who couldn’t be more different from each other if they try.

We have Kaz the leader and the guy you wouldn’t want to bring home to meet the parent. He’s a thief, a con-man, a gang leader and the man known throughout Ketterdam as Dirtyhands. Nina is the loud unapologetic firecracker. Matthias who is this wounded warrior with a clear black & white view of the world. Jesper, the sarcastic comic relief. Wylan, the innocent and lovable nerdy boy who just wants to belong. And last but certainly not least, my absolute favourite – my girl Inej! the Wraith who was freed from slavery by Kaz and in return has become his personal spy/assassin.

We get scenes from each of these characters’ perspectives, some of which overlap with each other and flashbacks that give us detailed backstories for each of them so we can better understand the motivations behind their actions and decisions. The only thing that they do have in common is the concrete personal struggles at the centre of each of their lives. Bardugo does a fantastic job of bringing these six misfits to life and making them seem like real people with hope, dreams and exuberant resilience.

There is so much and I mean SO MUCH to this book than ‘six criminals planning a heist’. Credit to Leigh Bardugo.

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